Why Orangeville Real Estate? The Commute!

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Where Are You Working? Is The Drive Too Far?

Orangeville, Close to Major Centers and Little Traffic: Orangeville is situated in a prime location that allows for easy access to most the big commercial and financial centers around. To make it more accessible and offer hassle free transport to the inhabitants as well as the visitors, there is an impeccable road network, not only giving easy access to most parts of Orangeville, but also to the neighboring regions.

It is these advanced road networks and the great infrastructure which graces the region that are largely responsible for the growth and expansion of the area. The immense growth and the robust real estate market have also been attributed to the infrastructure, good road network and it closeness to other major centers in Canada.

Take for example the Greater Toronto Area. This is Canada’s largest metropolitan area, with a population of over five million people. The area is advanced in terms of infrastructure and it is one of the hottest real estate markets in the entire country. It will interest you to note that Orangeville is only an hour’s drive from GTA and there are also short flights for those in a hurry.

Orangeville is to the North West edge of GTA, just on the spot where Provincial Highways 9 and 10 meet. This further opens up Orangeville to the regions on North-west of the country as well as the South-east regions due to easy access to the two intersecting highways.

Ontario is another major economic power that can be easily accessed from Orangeville. Orangeville has established a reputation as a hub for industries and businesses. Its close proximity to Ontario has ensured that over the 90,000 residents can access business and industries as well as highly skilled labor without travelling for long distances. These are some of the perfect recipes that have elevated Orangeville as one of the fastest growing regions in Canada. For those leaving Orangeville you can check the Toronto real estate listings.
Other than Toronto and Ontario, is centrally located with most of the significant towns and cities around. They are as follows-:

  • Brampton – it is only 38km away, and you need about half an hour to drive from Orangeville to Brampton.
  • Alliston – this is about 42km from Orangeville, also around half an hour of driving from Orangeville.
  • Kitchener – Kitchener is 77km away from Orangeville and might take about one hour twenty minutes of driving.
  • Buffalo, NY – Buffalo, NY isn’t any further from Orangeville. The two are only 200km apart, about two and a quarter hours driving on the road.
  • Detroit, Michigan – This is another US city in close proximity with Orangeville. A distance of 354 separates the two and it might take you about 4 hours and 20 minutes to drive from Orangeville to Detroit, Michigan.
  • Ottawa – Ottawa is quite far from Orangeville, though very much accessible due to the good road network. The two are about 520km apart and you might need up to five and a half hours to drive from one to the other.

These are just about some of big centers surrounding Orangeville. It explains why Orangeville is such a booming place and also the unprecedented rise in the real estate industry.


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